8.9.22 Annual Homeowners Meeting Minutes

Annual HOA Meeting Minutes

August 9, 2022


HOA President, Jason Higdon, welcomed the homeowners to the meeting and thanked everyone for attending or mailing in their proxy votes.  Introduced other HOA Board Members:

  • Tom Finch
  • Danna Boore
  • Melissa Petersen
  • Julie Duncan (not present)
  • Ju Lee Hong (not present)
  • Jason Eardley (not present)

Over the last couple years, these meetings have been held at different times, due to COVID restrictions, either over Zoom or in person. The Board would like to meet with Homeowners twice a year (Spring and Fall).  The HOA Board meets every other month to discuss issues, complaints, financials, etc.   The HOA board will work with the Benjamin School to reserve the library for a November 2022 meeting and Spring 2023 meeting.  More information to follow once a date has been selected.


Covenant Changes:

  • Board received a question from a homeowner prior to the meeting asking if the homeowners were allowed to make Covenant changes because it appears the current language indicates that the convents may not be changed for 20 years from the time the Covenants were established. The HOA President has a call out to the HOA attorney to verify.
  • Question was asked as to why these proposed covenant changes were being made. The HOA Board had received numerous complaints regarding these four items and in the 2021 annual meeting there was discussion on writing proposed covenant changes.  After the meeting, the HOA Board worked with the HOA attorney to make language changes based on the homeowner feedback received.
  • While we are unable to make changes until the attorney provides a response on whether we can make covenant changes (or wait 20 years from the date the HOA was established) there was a group discussion on the following items:
    • Gardens:
      • Proposed changes:
        • Section BB. Gardens (New section)
        • A garden by definition shall be a sub-plot of a lot that is designed to grow produce. All gardens shall be located four feet (4’) from property lines. By the end of the season (defined as October 15th) all remaining produce shall be properly disposed, and the garden shall be tilled.
      • Discussion:
        • Based on the group discussion and information received from the proxy votes this will not be added to the convents. Homeowners should continue to maintain their gardens like how they maintain their yards/property.  Homeowners should be courteous of their neighbors.  If you have a concern with your neighbor’s garden, the homeowners at the meeting suggested reaching out to your neighbor first as a courtesy.
      • No further discussion or changes to the covenants will be recommended.


    • Shadow Box Fences:
      • Proposed changes:
        • Section P. Fences and Walls
        • Remove shadowbox fences
      • Discussion:
        • Based on the group discussion and information received from the proxy votes this will not be added to the convents. Homeowners should continue to maintain their fences (shadowbox or any other fence) and keep in good condition.
        • As per the covenants, homeowners still need to send proposed fence installation plans to the HOA board for approval. There are different fence requirements based on where the homeowners house is located.
      • No further discussion or changes to the covenants.


    • AirBnB
      • Proposed changes:
        • Section AA. Short Term Leasing (New section)
        • Any proper owner who chooses to lease to a third party shall lease for a minimum of 30 days. The sub-leaser must adhere to all local ordinances and covenant regulations.
      • Discussion:
        • If covenants are allowed to be changed, homeowners would like to remove Air BnB options altogether (short term or long term). This will not impact a homeowner who is renting out their house long term (not via Air BnB or a similar site)
      • Next steps:
        • Based on the discussion, HOA board will update the proposed language and bring to the next HOA homeowners meeting (if attorney provides clarification on if convents can be changed prior to 20 years)


    • Solar Panels
      • Proposed changes:
        • Section CC. Solar Panels
        • All solar panels must be affixed to the roof of the main residence. No solar panels or solar farms shall be constructed in the yard. All solar panels shall follow local ordinances. Solar panel installation must be approved by the HOA Board prior to project being started.
      • Discussion:
        • Based on homeowners and proxy votes, there is interest in adding the solar panel language within the covenants.
      • Next Steps:
        • Based on the discussion, HOA board will bring to the next HOA homeowners meeting (if attorney provides clarification on if convents can be changed prior to 20 years)



  • As of July 31, 2022 there is a balance of $153,904.96 within the HOA account. Monthly Financial statements are uploaded to the website each month where homeowners can review detail statements.
  • The HOA account maintains and grows a surplus of funds due to the Kickapoo access roads being the responsibility of the HOA homeowners. Not only do we pay for the access roads to be snow plowed and salted in the winter, if road repairs are needed (and eventually they will need to be)- the costs are the responsibility of the neighborhood.  The current amount in the account would not cover the cost of the road repairs depending on what was needed.
  • 20 houses owe 2022 dues while two of those houses owe 2022/2021. Past due notices were mailed out in June, and we received numerous payments.
  • Another past due notice will be mailed in late September. If the HOA due is not paid, then the balance will be carried over and sent with the 2023 HOA notice.


Golf cart complaints

  • The HOA Board received a recent complaint regarding non-licensed drivers driving Golf Carts within the subdivision. The complaint asked that this information be addressed with all homeowners.  Unfortunately, the HOA board does not have jurisdiction over golf carts but asks that homeowners follow City of Bloomington/State of Illinois laws.


Discussion on allowing out buildings

  • The HOA board received a request to research the use of Sheds/outbuildings within the neighborhood. There was enough homeowners interested in learning more about the possibility of allowing sheds/outbuildings. The HOA board will research other neighborhoods covenant language regarding sheds (types, material, size, location on property, etc) and report back in the November meeting.  Homeowners did suggest that houses that back up to the prairie not be allowed to have sheds at the end of their properties so other homeowners do not see the sheds when sitting on back porch.  More information will be covered in the next meeting once additional research has been completed.


Solicitation of new Board Members

  • There are three HOA Board members that have asked to roll off and allow other homeowners the opportunity to serve.
  • Thank you, Danna Boore, Ju Lee Hong and Jason Eardley, for all of your contributions on the Grove HOA board.
  • Kris Kline and Justin Sairin both expressed interest in joining the Board
  • If anyone else would like to serve on the HOA board, please reach out to Jason Higdon at president@gmail.com


 Other Business

  • New Houses:
    • There will be a total of 45 single family homes in the new section near Benjamin school. Construction is underway
    • There will be a total of 60 single family homes in the new section that is set to start this fall (Behind Longfield) the current construction has been preparing for house and road construction.
    • Jason, HOA President, talked to the builders and was able to obtain copies of plans (large paper plans were on the table which homeowners could review if they wanted to) According to current plans, there will not be access roads which means HOA will not be responsible for maintaining the roads.
    • The builders were not able to come to the HOA meeting tonight, however Jason will be taking homeowner’s questions back to them to get answers. Below is the list of questions that were collected at the meeting, and we will work on getting these questions answered:
      • In previous discussions, the Grove was told that in order for additional houses to be built behind Longfield the sewer needed to be updated because it could not handle additional houses. The city was not interested in paying for the upgrade- how has the sewer been upgraded to accommodate more houses?  If upgraded, who paid for the upgrades?
      • Will there be bridge, pedestrian walkway or tunnel for Kickapoo Creek Road (believe the drawing on map shows a tunnel so want to clarify)?
      • When are the roads scheduled to go in?
      • Will there be any roads that the HOA must maintain (Grove HOA is not interested in maintaining any more roads or access roads)?
      • Will the sidewalks be extended?
      • Will the creek be landscaped? When will this be completed?
      • Will the section B lot areas be maintained? Will they build or plant on that area?
    • If there are additional questions, please e-mail them to grovehoa.president@gmail.com


  • Potholes on the County Roads
    • HOA Board is working with the City of Bloomington and the County Township to fix the potholes within the road. There are parts of the road that are owned by the City and other parts that are owned by the County Township.  HOA has been in contact with them trying to get these fixed.  The HOA Board is hopeful to have these fixed before winter.


  • Mowing:
    • HOA is responsible for mowing the ditches on the county road, the two grove entrances by the Grove signs, near the Kickapoo access roads and the grass dividers on the road next to school. All other areas are the responsibility of the City of Bloomington.  HOA and other homeowners have called several times this summer to get more frequent mowing.  HOA and homeowners should continue to call to help resolve.


If you have feedback, concerns or a compliant, you can submit inquiry on the website: thegrovebloomington.com.  During the meeting it was discussed several times by multiple homewoners that you should first go and talk to your neighbor to try and resolve your concerns and if that does not help, you can reach out to the HOA Board to help resolve.

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