Annual Owners Meeting 11/1/2017

Updated: Two Nominees

The annual owners meeting is scheduled for 11/1/2017 at 6:30 in the Benjamin School Library.  Notices will be mailed this week with the ballots, proxy, and an informational letter.  The main item on the agenda (attached) is to elect two open board positions.  The by laws require 7, 8, or 9 directors of the board. We have the following nominees at the moment:

Laurie Ettlier

Denise Green

Elizabeth Kooba

Steve Statz

Amber Trowitch

Carrie Wieburg

Any additional will be entered on the ballot if submitted within 10 days of the meeting.  Write-ins at the meeting or in proxy are allowable as well.

The election parameters are included in the By Laws on the website.  For the vote to occur, we need a quorum of owners of homes (40 is the current quorum) either in person or by using the proxy form attached. The proxy must contain the signature of the owner to be valid.  The vote will occur using the ballot form (attached) during the meeting. Proxy ballots will be transferred to a ballot at the meeting.  Each home will have one ballot (attached) or proxy, regardless of the number of people who reside at the address.  Each home will have nine votes to cast.  It is cumulative voting, meaning each ballot can divide the nine votes however the owner wishes.  For example, all nine can go to one nominee, or they can be divided.

HOA Annual Meeting Agenda 2017-11-01