Grove HOA Board Meeting Draft Minutes

Meeting Minutes


Present: Jason Higdon, Jason Eardley, Ju Lee Hong, Tom Finch, Danna Boore, Julie Duncan, Melissa Petersen

  • Pools
    • Temporary self supporting pools are allowed, such as inflatable small pools are allowed.
    •  Can Above ground pools be approved on a limited, temporary basis?  They cannot be approved, but a notice is forthcoming.
  • Request to make a complaint/request tab on the Grove Webpage for $120.  Passed and completed.
  • Trails are over grown and covered by debris as a result of flooding.  We need to contact the city to clean these areas.
  • Golf carts
    • The city requires a license for the vehicle, otherwise it is illegal to drive on city streets.
    • Any complaints must be submitted to the City of Bloomington.
  • Officers roles on the board:  Jason Higdon – President, Jason Eardley – Vice President, Melissa Petersen – Treasurer, Julie Duncan – Secretary
  • 3 year delinquent assessment payments.  There are 4 owners that are 3 years delinquent.  We will have the attorney send letters, and then begin legal action – property liens.
  • Ireland Grove concern about a black fence visible from street.  It was an optical illusion, no issue.
  • The entrance to the trail from Watersound
    • We requested our Alderman, Jeff Crabill, to contact the city to request completion of the paving.
    • Motorized vehicles are not permitted on the path
  • Complaint about a home being listed on AirbNbB
    • Concerns about the use of property for commercial use, which is not allowed in the covenant
    • We will work on language changes in the Covenants
  • Financial report – $114,000 in our reserve.  The concern is paying for repair and/or replacement of the private drives on Kickapoo Creek

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