HOA Board Meeting Tuesday 11/14 7:00 pm at El Toro

The HOA board will meet at El Toro on Tuesday, November 14 at 7:00 pm.  Agenda:

Board Meeting Agenda





Denise Davies Jason Higdon Josiah Townsend
Jason Eardley Ju Lee Hong Amber Trowitch
Denise Green Melissa Petersen Rico Wyatt

1.Determination of quorum.

2. Approve September Meeting Minutes (currently posted on the website as draft)

3. Financial Report

4. Unfinished Business

5. New Business

a. Determine Officer positions of Board members

b. Discuss attorney opinion on bike rack, activities committee, third party audit, by-laws changes

c. Adopt 2018 Budget (draft budget currently posted on website 11/6/2017)

d. Discuss contractors/services for 2018 – snow, lawn, legal, website, taxes, audit (if determined necessary

e. Any other new business


Grove owners welcome to attend.