IWU Environmental Student Survey Request to Grove Owners (not affiliated with the HOA)

An IWU Student has asked if any Grove ownerswould be interested and willing to partake in a survey about our watershed and restoration area.  If you are willing, I am attaching his message below with his survey link.  This is not affiliated with the HOA in any manner.

Hello Grove HOA:
You heard from me a while back, but my name is Dominic Gambaiani and I am a senior Environmental Studies Student. After a long backup, the Internal Review Board at Illinois Wesleyan approved my research partner, Carina, and my survey for your homeowner members to take in regards to the Kickapoo Creek stream restoration that took place when the Grove was built. I have attached the survey link, as well as a brief overview, for you to pass along to your residents. It is an anonymous survey and results will be collected for presentation in December as well as used in a final research paper. I greatly appreciate your willingness to help us graduate and get some really cool data to present. Please let me know if you have any further questions, concerns, or requests of information for the final presentation (where, when,etc.).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact: Dominic Gambaiani at dgambaia@iwu.edu or Carina Silva at csilva@iwu.edu.
The Grove