Update Status of SRTS – Benjamin School Trail Project

Per the Public Works Department, Engineering Division in July:

The City is in the process of obtaining Environmental sign-offs through the Illinois Dept. of Transportation (IDOT).  The City has submitted the initial Environmental Survey Request (ESR) to IDOT and has now been notified that additional assessment is needed.  The next step is to perform a Preliminary Environmental Site Assessment (PESA).  The PESA provides for a more indepth determination of any potential hazardous environmental conditions on the site to protect worker and public safety, reduce liability, and reduce delay in mitigating any hazards that might be found.  Consulting Engineering Services will be obtained for performing the PESA work.

Performing the PESA and obtaining IDOT approval of the PESA Report may take up to several months.  Depending on the pace of PESA completion and report approval, the City is expecting to create construction plans this fall and winter, and to build the trail during next construction season (spring/summer/or fall 2016).